skeddles is an internet-based bird-person who makes websites, pixel art, music and other weird things


An online art gallery and tools collection for people making pixel art and other low-spec art forms.

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A web-based tool for artists to help visualize how shading works with simple 3D shapes under different lighting conditions.

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Name Generators

Some simple name generators that use word lists and a set of generators to create nice medieval sounding names for places.

Forest Name Generator Tavern Name Generator

Lozpekamon Monster Farm

A laidback idle pet sim.

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Monsterpet Clickfarm

A clicker game where you level up your pet and enter it into the arena to battle. Every level your pet grows.

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Killer Robot Attack

A simple puzzle game originally designed for mobile, where you try to kill robots by making them collide. Inspired by an early windows game called Robottack.

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